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KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar



Food & Beverage

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Occupying New Spaces with the KARA Experience

KARA Café is an independent café serving Los Angeles-inspired “all-day dining” comfort food from hot savoury to cold sweet treats which includes the iconic Sogurt soft serve! KARA aims to bring a sense of belonging to their customers with every dish that they serve.

We wanted to bring the KARA experience beyond the four corners of their café and to share their dedication and love for every individual that they serve.

KARA Cafe's Content Pillars

Food Dishes & Soft Serve

Getting to know each of the dishes intimately, tailored to our follower sentiment

Human Stories

The founders, team and customers that make up this diverse community!

Giveaways & Announcements

Remaining top-of-mind, throughout the seasons!

Other Projects