Social Media Management

Each-A-Cup Singapore



Food & Beverages

  • Social Media Management
  • Ideating & Executing Campaigns
  • Photography & Art Direction
  • Customer Service & Crisis Management
  • Online-to-Offline Lead Generation
  • Liaising Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads

Blending 50+ Outlets and 90+ Drinks Into One Flavour

With over 50+ outlets in Singapore and different franchise owners, the Each-A-Cup founders wanted a more coordinated, consistent social media presence.

We researched across various Taiwanese brands they wanted to emulate, while also taking into account their unique selling points (90+ different drinks, located in heartland neighbourhoods in Singapore) to create a cohesive online persona.

We wanted to honour their position as one of the pioneer bubble teas of Singapore 20+ years ago, yet show that they were nimble enough to pivot.   

Each-a-Cup Campaigns

Flower Tea Campaign

A rare moment – engage brand ambassadors to promote our flower tea campaign!

Delivery Campaign

With witty puns and attractive deals, we kept top-of-mind with our campaigns

4 Types of EAC Fans

A little persona quiz and engagement campaign

Fresh Fruit Tea Campaign

Spotlights on the new additions to the family!

Other Projects